1. Uniform

Kyou huffed in annoyance as he turned around, scowling at himself in the mirror. “Even with the sleeves and cuffs long enough, we still look like idiots in these things.”


It was the week before the school year started, and all three of them had grown so much they needed new uniforms. He and Yuki were in the boys’ section of the store, while Tohru had gone to the girls’ section for what she needed.


“Oh, no, Kyou-kun!” she protested, wending her way through the racks of shirts and trousers. “You look so handsome! Uh, both of you!” she amended to include Yuki. He just hid his smile behind his hand, used to it; since she and Kyou had started dating, she’d had a bit of tunnel vision where Kyou was concerned.


“If anything,” she continued, “it’s me that looks silly.” She looked sadly down at her outfit, the admittedly juvenile sailor blouse and brief skirt.


“No,” Kyou and Yuki said as one, then glared at each other, because they knew what the other was thinking: the girls’ uniforms had featured prominently in more than one fantasy during various intimate, solitary moments.


“No, you look fine, Honda-san,” Yuki said, then patted her shoulder because he knew Kyou hated when he touched her. She beamed up at him in gratitude, and with an answering smile, he left to pay for his items.


“Why did you need a new uniform, anyway?” Kyou asked, tugging at his collar, once they were alone. “You’re still as short as ever.” His grin softened the teasing.


Inexplicably, Tohru turned bright red. “It’s because— my— I’ve gotten— and so—“ As she stammered, her arms came up to cross over her chest, though she was probably unaware of it. His eyes were, of course, drawn right to the action. Finally, she just averted her gaze and mumbled, “I just outgrew it, is all.”


She meant, but was unable to express, that her bust had increased and her blouses no longer fit properly. Kyou stared at her, and sure enough, there was more of her; she wasn’t able to completely cover the soft mounds on her chest, which were actually bulging a little over the top of her arms. And the stance pressed her breasts against the thin fabric of her blouse, clearly revealing the outline of her lacy white bra.


Kyou’s mouth went dry, but his feet were functioning perfectly, if disobediently; without his permission, they walked him over to Tohru until he stood close beside her.


“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” he said quietly, his voice a little hoarse, and gently took her wrists to pull her arms away. It made his fingers brush against the very things she was trying to hide, and both of them jerked in surprise at the contact. Having been dating only a few weeks, their contact hadn’t yet gone past hand-holding and a few shy and restrained kisses.


Slowly, Kyou slipped his hands down to grasp her hands. Tohru’s breath was coming faster, and when he looked down, he could see the outline of her stiff nipples. His physical reaction was swift and dramatic, and he groaned, dropping his forehead to rest against hers.


“Kyou-kun,” Tohru whispered, disengaging her hands from him. He feared she’d pull away, but to his surprise she placed them hesitantly on his shoulders. “Do you think you could—if you wouldn’t mind too much—um, kiss me?”


“Oh, god, yes,” he mumbled, and pulled her as close as possible without setting off the transformation, his mouth reaching for hers eagerly.


This time, there was no shyness between them. Tohru opened her mouth for him right away; his tongue dipped inside to explore her. Her hands were in his hair, stroking, and his were gliding down to grip her waist and pull her hips tightly against his, seeking the relief of friction.


“Shameful,” someone said, brushing roughly by them, and they jumped away from each other to find an elderly lady glaring at them.


“Yes, isn’t it?” Yuki said cheerfully, smiling widely as he held up his bag of purchases. “Let’s go home now.”


The old woman blinked balefully at Tohru. “You live with both of them?”


“They’re—they’re my brothers!” Tohru gasped, trying desperately to salvage something of the situation, but she’d forgotten that just thirty seconds previous, she’d been locked in a passionate kiss with one of her so-called ‘brothers’.


“Disgusting!” the old woman said, horrified, and scuttled away, shooting malevolent glances over her shoulders as she went.


“No,” Tohru said forlornly, touching her fingertips to her mouth, “it was really quite good.” Kyou turned bright red.


Yuki just sighed. “Home. Now.”