Deeper Down




“Tai—taichou?” Hinamori’s hesitant voice floated through the shoji paper. “I’m here. Please let me in before anyone sees me and asks questions.”


Aizen’s lips curled into a slow smile as he turned in his chair to face the door. “Enter, Hinamori.”


The door slid open immediately, and his vice-captain’s petite figure slipped inside just as quickly, shutting it and leaning back against it, breath coming in pants. Her cheeks were becomingly flushed over the red and white of the academy uniform she wore, and her hair was already coming out of the two pigtails in wisps.


“As you ordered, taichou,” she said, bowing her head respectfully, “I wore the clothing and did my hair as you directed.”


Aizen rose and walked to her, scrutinizing her form. Yes, it was perfect. The juvenile hair style was the perfect compliment to the uniform, making her seem even younger than she already appeared. The combination of taboos—the pretense of her as a far-subordinate as well as a minor—promised to make the upcoming events of the night far more interesting than usual.


“You look about twelve years old, Hinamori,” he murmured, cupping her cheek in his hand. “How old are you, really?”


She closed her eyes and rested her face in his palm, absolute trust radiating from her. “One hundred and thirty-two, taichou.”


“And not getting any younger,” he concluded with a gentle smile, stepping back. “Shall we begin?” At her nod, he asked, “Will you undress me?”


Though this was far from their first time in a sexual situation, she never seemed to lose that virginal shyness and anxiety, and her hands shook as she removed his robes and untied his hakama. It pleased Aizen to see how deeply he could affect her, and he was constantly spurred to see exactly how deep ran her dedication and loyalty to him.


“I thought to try something a bit more intense tonight, Hinamori,” he said when he stood nude before her, “if you are up to it. Is that is alright with you?” There, suggest she can’t handle it and allow her a choice. It never failed to strengthen the hold he had on her.


“Of course!” she exclaimed softly, face shining up at him in devotion. “Whatever you like, taichou. Always.”


Aizen seated himself on the chair once more and spread his legs. Nothing needed to be said; this was practically rote for them after all this time. Right away, Hinamori knelt between his feet and reached for him. He was not at all aroused; it was her job to excite him and she took it very seriously.


Cupping his balls in one hand, she used the other to guide his soft cock into her mouth. It was warm and wet, with just the right amount of suction, and Aizen allowed himself a moment to loll his head back and simply enjoy the sensation.


Soon he had reached full erection, and Aizen felt it was time to conduct his little experiment. “Lower, if you please,” he commanded. “Use your mouth lower.”


Obediently, Hinamori detached herself from his cock and travelled to his balls, taking each into her mouth and sucking, rolling them on her tongue. It felt like heaven itself, and he could easily have come from it, but there was still more to learn.


“Lower still, vice-captain,” he said softly.


She stiffened before him, understanding what he intended. “But, taichou,” she protested, “that place…?”


He nodded. “That place.” His hands came to her head, guiding her firmly until her nose brushed against his perineum. Her gaze was fixed to him, staring with dismay, and he almost smiled to see the expression of distaste on her small face.


“Now, Hinamori,” he said, tingeing his voice with a little sadness. “Or would you deny me this pleasure? I had hoped you thought highly enough of me to—“


“I do!” she protested passionately. “I’m sorry! Yes, taichou!”


And she dove forward, nudging his balls out of the way with her nose before placing her mouth at the entrance to his body. Slowly, haltingly, her tongue swiped against it, and Aizen could not repress a moan at the sensation.


“It feels good?” she asked, sounding doubtful. At his nod and hands once more urging her to continue, she said, “Perhaps taichou will do this for me, sometime.”


“Certainly,” Aizen replied, meaning nothing of the sort.


Her mouth returned to him, and her tongue prodded at the tender ring of muscle once again until it gained entrance.


“In and out, Hinamori,” he said, panting a little. “Thrust your tongue in and out.”


She complied, of course, and began sliding her tongue into him in a steady rhythm until he opened easily around it. Aizen took one of her hands, resting on his thighs, and wrapped it around his now achingly hard cock. Hinamori began to stroke him in time with her tongue inside him, and he felt his desire ratchet up tenfold.


Oh, this was so good. She was kneeling for him, looking obscenely young and fresh. She caressed his erection with a tight, warm hand as he practically rode her tongue. Warm, soft, the pleasure of it stroking him there was almost unbelievable.


“Suck, Hinamori,” he whispered. “Use your lips to suck.”


A slight hesitation, but she did. Tongue thrusting, fucking him, his vice-captain closed her mouth around the ring of muscle and began to suck lightly in the same rhythm as her thrusting tongue and stroking hand.


Aizen’s breath hissed through his teeth, and his pelvis undulated against his will until he was squirming against her, wanting more, deeper, fasterhardermore—


He threw his head back, teeth bared, cords of his neck strained as he came and came, endless gouts of white arcing from him while he groaned from the force of it.


When he was done, he pushed her away to recover. “You’ve done well,” he gasped, running his sleeve over his perspiring forehead.


Hinamori sat back on her heels and scrubbed at her mouth with the back of her hand. Her face was blank, unreadable, and Aizen studied her; had he finally pushed her to her limit? Would she finally protest?


Perhaps a bit of impetus was required. When his breath had returned to normal, he commented, “You’re an excellent student, Hinamori. I think we can include that in all of our future evenings.” His finger dabbed up a long line of semen from his thigh and offered it to her.


An expression of mutiny flitted over her features, and she opened her mouth, as if to speak. Aizen watched with an eagerness he did not express. Would it be now? Would she finally utter the word ‘no’?


She lapped the fluid from his finger. “Of course,” she said at last, looking away. “If taichou wishes it.”


Aizen smiled down at her, feeling smug but also disappointed—he really had wanted her to turn him down, just to see what it would be like. Really, if she were going to be so spineless, there was nothing for her to complain about. They would never have gotten to this point if she’d ever, even once, been strong enough to refuse him.


Testament to my skills, he thought, stretching languidly, and felt his excitement spark once more. I’ll just have to find another way to push her a little farther. In the meanwhile, another climax tonight would be most welcome, and the night was still so very young.


“Ah, Hinamori,” he purred, “you have not had much fun yet, have you? Come here, my dear. Let us rectify that at once.”


And, of course, she went.