Title: Small Sacrifices

Author: CinnamonGrrl

Word Count: 200 exactly, not counting the title

Rating: G

Characters: see for yourself

For: houses7177’s first line meme

Dedication: for ::celeste::, who has much love for this pairing





I didn't need this shit. Fair Scottish skies, my ass: it’s freaking cold at Hogwarts. I missed the moderate California weather, my friends, my sister... Plus, the food is weird—blood pudding? Grilled kidneys? I don’t think so, says Buffy. Why the hell did I agree to come here, again?


Then he approaches, shrugging off his cloak and draping it over my shivering shoulders. The heat from his body and scent of obscure herbs still clings to the fine wool, and I inhale deeply before tilting my head back to meet his darkly glinting eyes.


“Mrs. Snape?” he inquires, holding out his arm. I place my hand in the crook of his elbow and he covers it with his own, curling his potion-stained fingers warmly around my cold ones. As far as public displays of affection, it isn’t much, if you were a normal guy. But Severus Snape is far from your average Joe, and it is tantamount to an impassioned declaration of love.


He glances down at me, and there’s an tiny smirk on his lips as he holds my gaze a prolonged, electric moment. Oh yeah, I think, a little dazed. Severus.


That’s why I came to Hogwarts.