By CinnamonGrrl



Itís a game, a game we play with each other in place of doing what we both know cannot be done. I love playing the game, because itís so very sweet. Not the hearts-and-flowers kind of sweet, thatís cloying. But the sweetness of impending orgasm, the almost-there, almost-there, almost-there kind of throbbing that sits low in the belly, ripe and ready, waiting to see how far it will go.


Itís rare to find someone who likes to play the game as much as I do. I was shocked when it turned out that out of the three, it wasnít Aragorn, nor even Boromir, but Legolas who was able to keep up with me. Aragorn wasnít interested in the least, and Boromir was so far out of my league when the flirting began to get hot and heavy that he actually began to stammer. I turned to the Elf, eyebrow raised in challenge, and he met my sally with one of his own.


I suppose itís naÔve of me to be surprisedóheís got thousands of years of experience, after all. But his face is so pure, his demeanor so unaffected, that one doesnít expect the rather evil twinkle in his eyes, or the slow catlike curl of his lips when heís contemplating your reaction to his next move.


For my part, I play the game with words instead of actions. Sometimes Iím ribald (ďYou can nock my arrows any dayĒ I might say, which usually gets the Dwarf and the Hobbits laughing) and sometimes Iím subtle, letting the words spin out like a skein of fine silk. But no matter what the tone, for me, itís always the words.


Each time we play the game, itís a little different. He always keeps me guessing: will he actually kiss me this time, or pull back just an inch away, leaving me breathless, with stars in my eyes? That finger heís running up my arm, will he bring it down to brush my nipple? He did onceójust the onceóand time stopped. For a moment, there was nothing in the universe but that questing fingertip and the tight sensations it created.


I turn around now and heís there, that smirk on his lips once more, ready to play the game. He watches me, wondering if Iím ready for the next inning. I match his smirk with one of my own, knowing it catches his gaze and spurs him to thoughts of other things I could be doing with my mouth. My eyes are lazy, heavy-lidded, and I know heís thinking if thatís how I look after coming but before falling asleep.


Wonderment. Everything we do with this game is about wonderment, about mysteries and the unknown and things that will never be shared. Iíll never know the hot touch of his palms running down my belly and thighs, the feel of him inside me the first time he slides inside my body, the expression on his lovely, misleadingly innocent-appearing face as he reaches climax. Heíll never know the taste of my skin, or learn what the curls between my legs feel like, or if I really am as good at fellatio as Iím always hinting.


Why canít we be together, you ask? Oh, itís simple, really. Iím not only human, but from another world. Another world, I might add, that needs me desperately, and to which Iím trying just as desperately to return. Just my rotten luck to get sent here, and get caught up (as usual) in the BS this place is enduring.


Thereís no point in starting something, in losing my heart, when Iíll just have to leave again. Besides, a taste of what-could-have-been is always much sweeter than a taste of what-cannot-continue. Painful, yes, but infinitely, eternally sweet.


Then Legolas smiles at me, those enchanting lips curving upwards, mimicking the shape of that damned bow of his. This could have been love, whatever this game is between us, and he recognizes the futility of whatever we may feel as fully as I do. Doesnít make him stop playing, howeveróno, day after day, closer and closer we come to sending me home, and still he smiles at me, so very, very sweet.