Title: Woolgathering

Author: CinnamonGrrl

Word Count: 100 exactly, not counting the title

Rating: G

Characters: Inuyasha/Kagome.

For: ash_grey_skys first line meme






In a field of late summer flowers, Higurashi Kagome dreamed.


She lay back and breathed in the heady perfume of damp soil and green things growing, and dreamed of graduating top of her class from high school. She dreamed of growing a more plentiful bosom. She dreamed of saving the world, and of the praise of her friends. Sometimes, she dreamed of her long-dead father.


But mostly, Kagome dreamed of a hanyou boy who might someday love her. In her dreams he held her tightly, like hed never let her go, and his eyes shone like the sun.


She dreamed.